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We’re sure The Beeks Ltd need no introduction – they are familiar faces at Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market.

After arriving in New Zealand from the Netherlands in 2009, Marianne, Maik with their two daughters found Hawkes Bay and a place to call home. After a combination of timely coincidences and hard work the family are now happily living the lifestyle they had always dreamed of. 

Each week Marianne and Maik gather their Esk Valley grown produce, and sell directly to their customers. This allows them to connect with their client base both in Hawkes Bay and Feilding. They specialise in mandarins, oranges, avocados. They also have a small number of feijoas, limes, grapefruit and persimmon.

They aim to grow “A” grade fruit with no short cuts.The Beeks offer a fill your bag service – just bring along your reusable bags and they have some boxes of pre weighed fruit ready to fill your bag. Easy! 

Citrus are well known for their immune boosting levels of vitamin C and levels of soluble fibre, but did you know they’re also high in the mineral potassium? The Beeks citrus is sweet enough to eat straight from the fruit bowl but are also delicious as a warm wintery dessert. Simply peel an orange and cut into slices, place the slices on a baking tray lined with baking paper, drizzle over some honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon and gently grill until golden. Serve with cream or yogurt.



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