Clean Kai Co-op

Clean Kai Co-op – organic, gluten free, dairy-free, raw plant-based and paleo friendly, fairtrade coffee & vegan soft serve.

Nutrition is so important, that’ why at Hapi we do what we do…but when we talk about nutrition, we also understand that every part of our life should be nurturing our wellbeing and in balance with our environment. No matter how much organic broccoli we eat, if we are missing the joy we cannot be filled, and we will be always craving sugary treats to make us feel better.

Everything, every little thing, that goes through our senses is food for our soul to be digested.

Ko te kai a te rangatira, he kōrero.



Budousenshin Ltd.

Rich-tasting “Budou” (table grapes)

Farm Fresh Asparagus

Green and purple asparagus

Granny McNab

Organic heirloom seedlings

River Range Eggs

Free Range Eggs

Beagle’s Bees

Straight from the hive to the jar

Mahora Pottery

Hand crafted pottery
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