traditional afghan bolani

Hakim, the creator behind Mashal Bolani, brings the flavors of Afghanistan to you with his special Afghan vegetarian snack, Bolani. Hakim’s journey into food began with a passion for supporting local businesses. Spending over two years at the Hohepa stall in the Sunday farmers market, Hakim developed strong connections with the stallholders and the community.

Driven by a desire to share authentic Afghan flavors, Hakim introduced Mashal Bolani—a commitment to sustainability and quality. Offering a range of options, from vegetarian to vegan and gluten-free, Hakim ensures that his creations cater to everyone. Embracing an organic ethos, Mashal Bolani features premium ingredients such as Hohepa cheeses, JJ’s Organic produce, and locally sourced organic potatoes & kumara contributing to the delicious, high-quality, and sustainable food crafted for the community



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