premium handcrafted small goods

At Wild Game, they’re passionate about crafting high-quality small goods, just the way they should be.

They take immense pride in their handcrafted smallgoods, and it shows — they’re thrilled to have won the prestigious 2023 Supreme Bacon Award and the 2023 Elite Gold Medal for their New Caledonia Salami!

Visit their stall and meet the Wild Game Team to explore their delicious offerings. From mouthwatering sausages and flavourful Bier sticks to succulent venison steak and rich black pudding, there’s something to satisfy every palate.



The best sammies in town


Freshly Picked Table Grapes

Sandfire Seedlings

Organically Grown Heritage Seedlings

Mahora Pottery

Hand crafted pottery

Mashal bolani

Traditional Afghan Bolani
Zeelandt Brewery

Zeelandt Brewery

Premium Craft Beer
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