Fresh Berries, Ice cream and recipes

Bay Blueberries’ beautiful locally grown blueberries are a hit, and the ice cream too! Blueberries are wildly popular and loaded with health benefits, they’re high in antioxidants and nutrients. 

The quality of their produce as well as the operations and management on their orchard has earned the Hirsts the Ballance Farm Environmental Award, which is something to be proud of! The small family run business has always made conscious environmentally focused decisions. For example, the blueberries are packaged in recycled PET containers (RPET), this process ensures material is diverted from the waste stream and avoids using additional plastics. 

Marian’s favourite thing about the farmers market is community. She “loves the support, each stall holder contributes to the operations of the market, its a family. Being able to help new businesses, perhaps lend a kind word or a bit of support to blossoming businesses is great”. 

They have recipe cards available at the farmers market, the blueberry muffins are always a favourite at the orchard each season!


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