"Oh my Grandmother used to grow that in her garden”

Billy from Granny McNab Nursery doesn’t know what got her into growing plants apart from “I love growing plants”, the day doesn’t feel complete unless i have worked outside and done some planting of some sort”.

Billy initially began growing Microgreens for the nutritional value they offer more than their ability to pretty up a dish, but dang they really do pretty up a dish!

“We grow our plants organically, the old fashioned way – in the wind, rain and sun (no greenhouses), so they are “hardened off”, healthy and ready to go in the ground”. It’s hard for Billy to pick a favourite plant but Lemon Verbena would have to be one.

When you brew it strong, “it’s zingy, health-enhancing liquid sherbet in a cup: a light and warming drink that lifts the spirits unlike any other. When you brew it weaker, it is a delicate, uplifting citrus-scented beverage. And the fragrance in the garden can transport you to another world!”.

Billy’s favourite thing about the market would have to be meeting the people that are buying our plants and hearing..”Oh my Grandmother use to grow that in her garden”.



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