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Maxim Wines are bringing their boutique range of boutique wines to the Market!

Maxim Wines began in 2016 fueled by a passion for crafting handcrafted wines from Hawke’s Bay. Darragh, the driving force behind Maxim Wines, strives to produce authentic boutique wines that narrate the tale of the soil beneath the vines, the sun that ripened the fruit, and the delicate touch that shaped the final drop. Darragh takes immense satisfaction in the role, particularly during the harvest season—a highlight where the year-long effort culminates in the joy of picking the beautiful fruit nurtured throughout the seasons. Partnered with Irena, they appreciate blending work and home life, often sharing a wine or two together.

From a dream to reality, each bottle from Maxim Wines reflects Darragh’s commitment to quality. Beyond the vineyard, the local urban markets serve as a lively community hub. Darragh enjoys the opportunity to connect with numerous wonderful locals and visitors each week, contributing to the growth of the small wine business. Over the years, the range of wines has expanded to include Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah, Rosé, and more. Visit the markets for a taste; there’s always a bottle or two open for you to try.


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