Freshly Picked Table Grapes

GreenCollar New Zealand is a young company that began in Hawke’s Bay’s Bridge Pa in January 2020. Their team comprises energetic staff who have a passion for sports, music, cooking, biking, trail running, and, above all, enjoying delicious grapes! (They certainly love growing grapes too!)

They cultivate table grapes using Japanese methods, which require intensive, highly-skilled work. Each bunch undergoes manual thinning at least three times before being covered with a paper bag and a little umbrella, awaiting harvest.

Their most joyful moments occur when they attend the Farmers’ Market and witness their customers’ happy faces as they enjoy their grapes. All the hard work throughout the year is very worthwhile; smiles are the best reward!

Enjoy their fresh, just-picked grapes, bursting with juice and a fragrant flavor like no other. Their team looks forward to seeing you on Sunday at the market!



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