Love from the ground up

Passionately grown, aesthetically pleasing Microgreens that deliver exceptional flavour and a nutritional boost to change people’s perception of food every day.

Greg’s journey into growing grew from a love for creation and production of music and art, which then naturally progressed on to growing. He chose to start at the ground level with microgreens. Bursting with flavour, visually appealing, and with a fast growing cycle meant the rewards from growing microgreens were fast and plentiful. Greg is passionate about these tiny plants and sees many potential applications for them with a big impact not only in food but in other areas still to be explored.


Zeelandt Brewery

Zeelandt Brewery

Premium Craft Beer


Oh My Goodness Specialty Bread

Gluten Free, Paleo Breads

River Range Eggs

Free Range Eggs

Mac & Strac

Homemade Organic Dog Cookies

Holy Crepe

Authentic French Crepes

The National Distillery

Hand crafted spirits

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