Full of flavour!

Coastal Squeeze is a locally owned and operated business, providing healthy and tasty drink options that are full of flavour!

Unlike many commercially produced juices that are heated in the production process; causing oxidation, and a loss of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, Coastal Squeeze’s juices are made fresh, right in front of your eyes and full of phytonutrients!

To make them even better all the fruit and vegetables used in these drinks is either locally grown or sourced, plus there is no landfill rubbish, everything is compostable from the peeling and pulp to the cups and straws.

Liz recommends you try the C PLUS for that extra Sunday morning zing….

She says having a stall at the Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market is a joy, “customers are so pleasant, they are there to enjoy their morning and so are we, no stress and it doesn’t feel like work”.


The Deli

The Deli

Deli meats the old school way


Freshly Picked Table Grapes

Monsieur Macaron

French Blend of Art and Baking

Blakcat Berries

Handpicked berries

Pomona Gardens

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Taste of Summer

Local fruit growers from Bay View
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