Freshly picked “Budou”

After growing table grapes for more than 20 years in Fuefuki, Yamanashi in Japan, Tetsuya Higuchi became one of the top growers in Japan, producing large and rich-tasting “Budou”(Table grapes in Japanese) for the high-end market.

To spread the beauty of the taste he creates, Tetsuya came all the way to New Zealand to search the suitable land he found the perfect spot nestled in the heart of fruit growing industry in NZ…Hawkes Bay, Clive.

Meeting Alan and Kirsty Daly (Elmwood Table Grapes) made it all possible for him and his project…

With Daly’s wonderful support … the plentiful sunshine, the sea breeze and the ideal soil condition… collaborating with Tetsuya’s skilled craftsmanship to grow to the very best quality fruits, our freshly picked “Budou” offers a perfect match of the taste, colour and shape, which sure will bring a big smile on your face.

Tetsuya says “Our mission as table grape growers, is to produce the most tasty table grapes; The lovely smiles of customers from their first bite of our beautiful grapes, that’s what I keep in my mind when I grow my “Budou”s”.


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