The world’s best apples, grown organically

Growing up on an apple orchard in Hawke’s Bay New Zealand, Craig got his hands dirty from an early age. Planting trees as an eight year old, picking apples during autumn harvest and making holiday pocket money sorting and packing fruit, it’s no surprise he’d grow up to be a grower himself. Craig and Wendy leased their first orchard in 2005, converted it to organics and Bayleaf Organics was born.

Today, they have seven orchards, family-owned and operated, and are passionate about producing premium organic apples that are enjoyed the world over. Growing great apples is a pleasure when you do it in Hawke’s Bay. With fertile soils, pure artesian water and an ideal climate of hot days and cool nights, the region is known for producing exceptional produce. Taking care of the environment is why Craig and Wendy chose organics. Natural practices, no chemical fertilisers or sprays and working in harmony with nature. The result is great tasting quality apples; tree-ripened, pure and honest. The world’s best.



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