we love how coffee brings people together

Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Markets founding members, Hawthorne Coffee Roasters has been roasting specialty coffee in Havelock North for 16 years. Owners Tom and Benita Ormond say “we love how coffee brings people together and weaves its way through the social fabric of a community”. Hawthorne supplies coffee to cafes, homes and offices all around the country. They love discovering new coffees and “geeking-out” over coffee machinery.

“We love the markets ethos of composting and recycling. We use only milk from Origin Earth who are also at the market every week. We don’t use milk bottles in our espresso bar as the coffee is delivered in 20-litre reusable containers. This saves over 10,000 plastic bottles ending up in the landfill!”

A few tips on how to get a consistently good home brew… Buy smaller amounts more often from the roastery. Always grind fresh beans with a decent burr grinder. For plunger or soft brew, try using 60g of coffee per litre of water. Use scales to measure the dose. Use the coffee within two weeks of the roast date. When they are not working behind the espresso machine, Tom and Benita love taking their three kids along to the Farmers Market for a great breakfast and loading up with fresh produce. It’s a great place to catch up with friends who are there doing the same thing. The lime, honey and turmeric syrup from the Hapi stall is delicious with soda water and ice. Highly recommended!


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