Free Range Eggs from happy hens

At River Range we pride ourselves on producing high quality, welfare friendly, fresh free range eggs. Our happy hens are allowed to roam in their paddocks and pop into a nesting box whenever they like to lay their eggs. They can access fresh grass, scratch in the dirt for bugs and can run and flap their wings all they like. There is adequate shelter and plenty of perches, and they are checked at least twice daily. We only use top quality, locally sourced feed and check each egg by hand to ensure its quality meets our high standards.

Courtney Ellison


Kanapu Hempery

Hawke’s Bay Hemp Foods


114 Avocados

Naturally ripened Hass Avocados


Bay Blueberries

Hawke’s Bay grown blueberries


The Bacon Sandwich Co.

Hawke’s Bay’s best bacon sandwich



Roasting specialty coffee


Origin Earth

Single Farm Origin Milk Products

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