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Pomona, goddess of ‘fruitful abundance’.
Their stall may be familiar to you, as its been at the Hawkes Bay Farmer market for quite some time. New owners Charles and Eva may not be so. Hailing from France they spent a decade in New Caledonia before re settling in Hawkes Bay. The couple started visiting Hawkes Bay in 2016, each time visiting the farmers market and falling a little more in love, they began taking steps to settle here permanently.
Since taking ownership the couple have taken steps in becoming spray free and organic, as well as plans to start growing heirloom varieties. 
The couples plans don’t stop there, its a mission of theirs to be waste free, I hear Eva’s beetroot leaf pesto is particularly amazing. 
Charles favourite item at the moment is fresh strawberries, eaten fresh or on top of the kiwi favourite, pavlova. 
We’re delighted to see Charles and Eva take Pomonas to the next level, they have even more plans in the pipe line but you’ll have to be patient!


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