Sunday 8th November – F.A.W.C! Meet the Makers

The Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market is celebrating 20 years by giving foodies exclusive insight into the goings on for five of their most popular artisan producers.

During a half-hour session, you can celebrate with our artisan specialists; meet the people behind the product, hear their stories, learn a tip or two and have a taste.

9.00am – Meet Ann Nieuwenhuis, the passion and determination behind Nieuwenhuis Farmstead Creamery, and taste a variety of their cheeses.
9.45am – Hear from Geoff Crawford, owner of Telegraph Hill, discover which extra virgin olive oil works for your taste buds interactive oil tasting session.
10.30am – Heather Smith, of Heather’s Feijoas, will share organic feijoa jelly with cheese and crackers and organic freeze-dried wedges.
11.15am – While KANAPU Hemp Foods will delight you with their story of innovation and challenging the status quo.
11.45am – Greta Carney, owner of Hapi, will talk through the healing power of whole foods.

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