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It’s no secret that the organic food market is on the rise, good news for the conscientious folks at the The Organic Farm Butchery. As one of our early stall holders, they’ve been at it for a while now.

Their meat is sourced from certified organic farms, most of which are right here in the Hawkes Bay. Their sausages are the latest product to be developed, fresh, free of preservatives, gluten and dairy they make for the perfect addition to this summer. The best thing is, with flavours like sundried tomato and chilli, balsamic mustard and organic beef, all you really need is a BBQ and some good quality bread.

Organic and local are two words that popped up a lot during our conversation (with part owner) Matt Aries, our clientelle are at ‘the conscious end of the food market’. But supplying our market is not all they do, their shop at 300 Eastbourne st West has become a local hot spot, they also ship produce up and down the country to a variety of stores including Huckleberry and Commonsense.

Come see them this Sunday at the Farmers’ Market. They’re a wealth of knowledge, so if you’re buying a new cut feel free to ask for cooking tips!


Petane Wines

Boutique, dry farmed wines


Pomona Gardens

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Hara’s flower garden

Locally grown flowers

Preserve & Co

Preserve & Co

Jam, Sauce, Relish and more


Budousenshin Ltd.

Rich-tasting “Budou” (table grapes)

River Range

River Range Eggs

Eggs from happy hens

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