When Scott and Ruth’s eldest daughter Rahni showed signs of gluten intolerance, he did what any doting father would do…spend the next ten years perfecting a gluten free bread recipe. Ok it’s not what most parents would do, but the people of Hawkes Bay are glad that’s what Scott did.

In fact its where the name comes from, after a decade of trial and error, Scott finally knew he’d cracked the recipe that he could replicate, so in triumph he walked around the house saying “Oh my goodness…Oh my goodness”.

OMG have increased the range by quite a bit over the years.

They now make seven flavours of bread as well as bread and pancake pre-mix, crackers and buns.

Their newest offering at the market is a breakfast bar. They have an evolving menu of pancakes with either jam, banana, maple OR coconut vanilla yogurt with berries and maple. They’re also offering a slice of their toasted gluten free bread with either homemade herb hummus, infused olive oil with veges (avocado or tomato in the summer, roast vege in the winter) OR Hapī nut cheese with herb oil.


Hawkes Ridge

Hawkes Ridge

Family owned, boutique wines

Kanapu Hempery

Hawke’s Bay Hemp Foods

Petane Wines

Boutique, dry farmed wines


Fresh Longlands vege

Seasonal fruit & vegetables

Flo’s Smoothies & Soups

Freshly made soups and smoothies

Hara’s flower garden

Locally grown flowers

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