It tastes the way you remember it used to

Holly Bacon was established in 1914 by Carl Vogtherr, with a factory at Stortford lodge and a delicatessen on Heretaunga Street.

Carl cured bacon in handmade brines with a natural wood smoking and drying process. It’s the recipe and method that granddaughter Claire still uses today. This method ensures the crispiest of bacon as no water is added… it’s worked for 4 generations, why change it now?

Claires daughters Ellie and Lydia (5th generation) shared with us their favourite products – Lydia’s is the new Nitrite free bacon and the preservative-free Toulouse sausages (with only three ingredients), while sister Ellie can’t beat a Roast pork butterfly with crispy crackling. A hot tip tip for getting the perfect crackling on your roast is to pour boiling water over the top, then dry it really well and rub on salt. Cook in a nice hot oven and you will get perfect crackling every time!

Ellie, Lydia and Claire all love “the relaxed, friendly environment and the community spirit with the “family” of other stallholders and customers. My (Ellies) son has been a market baby from day one and will grow up surrounded by the lovely people from the farmers market.”


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