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Over 20 years ago a taste of New Zealand brought Heather to Hawke’s Bay to buy a farm. But it was her first taste of Feijoas that defined her future and set her on her current path.

With a passion for a flavour that is both unique and delicious, she started by planting nearly 2,000 feijoa trees. While her organic fruit is always in high demand, Heather wondered how to prolong the availability of feijoas beyond the short, intense growing season.

The result is Heather’s Feijoas, a unique range of frozen, freeze-dried, and powdered organic feijoa fruit. Feijoas are high in bio-actives, Vitamins C and K, and have a unique and moreish flavour. Heather’s Feijoas are 100% New Zealand grown, gluten and GMO free, and Biogro certified. Whether enjoyed on their own or added as an ingredient, Heather’s Feijoas can be enjoyed across every season.


The Deli

The Deli

Deli meats the old school way


The Beeks Ltd

Esk Valley Orchard


Op’s Kitchen

Asian street food


The Bacon Sandwich Co.

Hawke’s Bay’s best bacon sandwich


Harald’s Bread World

Fourth generation master bakers


Maud & Harry’s

Home Of Walnut Brittle

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