What happens when a family of foodies put their heads together and set their minds to create a yummy food brand? Hooray, Good Chow NZ was born!

We love eating. We love our food well presented, with rich aroma that wakes our appetite, complex yet harmonious flavours that make our taste buds dance. That’s why we made it Good Chow NZ’s mission to source top quality ingredients and create easy to use condiments to make life a breeze in the kitchen.

Good Chow NZ manufactures our own NZ Blackfoot Paua XO Sauce, Sambal Fish Roe Sauce, Kiwi Moo Beef Jerky, Fluffy Fried NZ Cod Flakes and Aromatic Chili Oil in Napier, Hawke’s Bay. We operate under NZ Food Control Plan (Registration number MPI000236) and we do not use any preservatives nor artificial additives of any kind in the food we manufacture.

Good Chow NZ also manufactures high-end ethnic food, i.e. dried fish maws and dried NZ blackfoot paua for the Asian market. We adhere to the strict standards of New Zealand’s Risk Management Program (RMP ID: GOODCHOW1). The gold coloured Good Chow NZ fishhook logo is our guarantee to food safety compliance and commitment to preservative-free and artificial additive-free production at our Napier factory.



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